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Overlord Lair Hunt

Overlord Lair Bosses have a chance to spawn once a normal Lair Boss is killed. If you have an Overlord Lair Boss active, when killing a normal boss you have a chance to get an Overlord Lair Ticket, which later can be used to spawn more Overlord Lair Bosses once you have none alive.


Overlord Creator Arceus

Creator Arceus is a Pokémon that can use both P.Atk and Sp.Atk. Because of this, you can chose what you want to build your Pokémon with, and according to what you can also select the proper Personality and Held Item.


Ancient Relic

Ancient Relic is unlocked at lvl90. In this game mode you can earn resources for your Bond Value, unlock an extra 4 Hidden Skill and get some friendship card packs.


Forest of Harvest

Forest of Harvest is unlocked at lvl85.  In this daily game mode you will earn resources to increase your Base Stats from Enhanced Special training.


Cube Pokémon

Cube Pokémon is a game is a game mode inside Team Mode, where you can build Statues and Cubes in order to provide the best stats to your Pokémon.



Fishing is a game mode inside Team Mode. The goal over here is pretty simple: use bait to catch some fish, and exchange the fish for prizes on the shop.