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Support Pokémon

Support Pokémon is unlocked 75 together with Mirror Challenge, which is a game mode that you can get materials to level up your Support.


Pokémon Tier List that costs 1000 Fire Book

Pokemon Tier List 1000 Fire Books - Pokeland Legends

28/09/2021 Updated

How to get Legendary Pokémon

How to get Legendary Pokémon on Pokeland Legends. Catch Legendaries in Pokeland Legends


Pokeland Costume Tier List v6.3.0

Best Costumes of Pokeland Legends, Costume Tier List


Flying Team Lugia Ho-Oh

The passive of Overlord or Resonance Lugia plays a big part in this team, allowing Pokémon that use non-attacking skills to move again (Lugia and Ho-Oh's buff)


Overlord Tornadus

Disclaimer: This is a basic recommended build. Please keep in mind that some builds might need to be changed in order to adapt your pokémon to the current meta, or to simply adapting yourself to the enemies that you play against.