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How to get Legendary Pokémon

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Posted on: 30/09/2021


How to get Legendary Pokémon Updated

In this guide you will learn 10 methods of getting Legendary Pokémon in Pokeland Legends for your teams!

 Common Adventure Maps

Pokeland Legends

Just by playing the game normally, you will obtain free Pokémon everytime you complete a Common Adventure "Island".

As a Reward for your progress in the game, you will get a Giratina for free once you complete all the Dungeons in Dragon Ruins, in Common difficulty.

Further in the game you will also get an Entei for free once once you complete all the Dungeons in Pokémon League, in Common difficulty.

Monster Myst

If you're looking for Lugia, Yveltal, or even one of the Regis, this is the right place!

Legendary Pokémon can appear in Monster Myst, when the right Weather is active. Click here to see the current time in game and the Weather Report for the current day!

Every day, there is a different Weather Report with the possibility of having specific Weathers where you can encounter specific Pokémon. For example in the picture above, on the Advanced Myst, there was a Rain weather going on and it was possibly to find some Rain-exclusive pokémon like Shaymin.

To catch pokémon in the Monster Myst you need Common Tickets or Adv. Tickets. Those can be earned by doing dailies, playing Cross Server Team, Diamond Burning, Opening Diamond Capsules / Gold Capsules, and many others.

Diamond Capsules - Guaranteed Legendary

Pokeland Legends APK

If you are a new player or if you want to start on a fresh new server, you need to know this.

You can get 2 Legendary Pokémon in Pokeland Legends with the first 10.000 Diamonds ever spent on the Diamond Capsules. This is a secret strategy that has been around probably since the game exists.

  • How this works?

It's pretty simple. On the first ever 5.000 Diamonds that are spent in the Diamond Capsules, you will get a Legendary Pokémon guaranteed. For example, if you spend 2x 2488 and 1x 280, this last one will give you a guaranteed Legendary. 

After this if you spend 2x 2488 it will reach the 10.000 Diamonds Spend, which will also give you another guaranteed Legendary Pokémon.

Once you get these 2 secret guaranteed Legendaries, you will always get a Legendary Pokémon guaranteed every 25.000 Diamonds Spent on the Diamond Capsules.

Diamond Capsules - Adv. Capsule Gift

Pokeland Legends APK

This one is pretty simple. Using the same logic of the previous paragraphs, every time you spend 2488 Diamonds in the Diamond Capsule opening a 10x, it will count as one point for this Adv-Capsule Gift Event.

This specific Event exists every day, and every day it has a different Pokémon Shards that can be obtained here. Once you collect enough shards of a specific pokémon, you can use to summon the Pokémon itself. 

  • How much it costs?

Most Legendaries need 200 Shards to be summoned. Keeping in mind that opening a 10x pull (2488 Diamonds) will give you 10 shards, to get 200 Shards you need a total of 49.760 Diamonds. But remember that because of this, you will also get guaranteed Legendary Pokémon every 25k Spend.

Sometimes there's also Discount Events, where you get some diamonds in return on the Adv. Capsule Gift, this way. For example, there are events where every 2488 Diamonds you spend on the Capsules, you can claim 10 Shards + 500 Diamonds of return.


Pokeland Legends APK

In the stores you can actually buy multiple Legendary Pokémon Shards for multiple Currencies.

  • Common Store

Guzzlord Shards can be purchased for 100 Diamonds each.

  • VIP Store (requires VIP6)

There are multiple Legendary Pokémon shards that can show in the VIP Store, too many to keep track. But the price of each shard is usually 250 diamonds.

  • Arena Store

You can exchange your Arena coins for Arceus shards here. This is the main way of getting Arceus

  • League Conference Store

This store does not have shards, it has the pokémon directly available to buy. You can buy Raikou, Suicune and Landorus here, for League Conference coins.

World Boss and Monster Riot

Pokeland Legends APK

During the week at 20:00 game time, from Monday to Friday, by playing World Boss you will get rewarded with Earth Devil shards according to your damage rank. You also get some Diamonds and Shards in return if you're the player that kills the boss.

During the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, the World Boss changes to Pheromosa, and logically it will reward players with Pheromosa shards according to their damage ranks.

Every day at 21:00 game time you can play Monster Riot. For each Boss that you kill in the Riot you are rewarded with Diamonds and Pokémon Shards. These shards can be from Lugia, Mew and Kyogre.

When the Monster Riot is over, you are also rewarded with Darkrai Shards according to your damage rank.

Guild War

Pokeland Legends APK

When you unlock the Guild function, you're usually advised to join the strongest guild in the server, so that you can enjoy the rewards from Guild War.

If your guild conquers Neo Town and Hector ciry, and if the Guild Leader decides so (yes, the guild leader is the one that decides who earns Diamond and Shard rewards), you can receive Zekrom and Reshiram shards.

We advice you to try to contact your guild leader to know what do you need to do to earn these shards, since each leader has different decisions related to them.

VIP Previleges

If you recharge, according to your VIP level you will be able to purchase some Legendary Pokémon Shards for Lugia and Kyogre, for diamonds.

All you need to do is tapping on your VIP level and see what shards are you able to purchase with your current VIP level.

Happy Exchange

Pokeland Legends APK

This is the most common way of getting late game Legendary Pokémon. In the happy exchange, the usual currency to exchange for Legendary Pokémon Shards is Fire Books. You can obtain Fire Books by Recharging, or occasionally for Diamonds as well in the Happy Exchange.

Here you can also exchange for Overlord Stickers and Resonance Stamps.

Click here if you want to know the prices of Pokémons in the Happy Exchange.

Special Events

Pokeland Legends APK

At the time that this article was created, there are 5 Legendary Pokémon that are Exclusive to Special Events, that usually require alot of money or saving in order to obtain:

  • Ultra Necrozma and Necrozma

Necrozma is rarely on the events, last time it was available for a normal currency, it was on the Happy Exchange for 3000 Fire Books! It can also appear on the Adv. Capsule Gift but it's really rare.

Necrozma itself can only evolve into Ultra Necrozma, and for this it requires some specific evolution items, that can only be obtained in the event above. In order to obtain the 300 Items necessary for this evolution at once, you need to be the Rank 1 player that spent the most diamonds in this event across all the servers. So good luck.

  • Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon and Hoopa

The shards for these 3 Legendary Pokémon. Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon and Hoopa, are usually only available in the Turntable Event, which requires recharging in order to spin in. And keeping in mind that each of these Pokémon requires 300 shards to be summoned, they end up being quite expensive.

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