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Talent Tree

Talent Tree is the place where you can invest the Talent Points that you have earned on the Battle Tower.

Each hexagon provides a specific buff or stat increase that will be applied to all of your Pokémon.


Battle Tower

Battle Tower is a game mode with 80 floors where you can fight different players every day, with modified powers and difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard.


Cross Server Team

Cross Server Team is unlocked at lvl20. It's a game mode that you can play in a team up tp 3 players, with any player of any server.


Lair Hunting

Lair Hunt is unlocked at lvl19, together with Medals. In this game mode you will be defeating bosses, or helping your friends defeating them, in order to obtain Energy Crystals and Medal Fragments.


Medals / Badges

Each Medal provides with some specific amount of stats when used on a team, without needing to be activated in-battle. But each Medal has a specific buff/debuff when activated.


Monster Myst

Monster Myst is unlocked at lvl18 and it's one of the main ways of obtaining new Pokémon for your account.

Every day a new Weather Forecast is available, and some Pokémon can show up according to the Weather that is displayed in that moment. The Weather has specific times to change, and the timezone used in the game is usually GTM+8 (Hong Kong).