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Overlord Sword and Shield

The only purpose of this Pokémon is to attempt to stop the "dance" from Resonance BnW. His passive will confuse any enemy that attacks him.


Resonance Black and White Kyurem

This Pokémon is only good in manual battles. His passive allows him to sacrifice his own HP to provide Fury to any Pokémon that wants to use their ultimate. This way, Reso BnW can just use their ultimate more times than normal, doing the "dance".


Pokemon Prices

Here's a list of all the Pokémon that are obtainable with Fire Books and / or Groudon Books.


Pokeland Tier List v5.9.0

This is a Tier List about the best Pokémon and Teams in the update v5.9.0.This Tier List applied to the english version of Pokeland Legends, the same logics might not apply to the other versions.


Dynamax Pokémon

Dynamax Pokémon are Pokémon Forms that can either be upgraded from Overlord Pokémon or Resonance Pokémon.


Resonance Pokémon

These Pokémon have a red aura and their maximum Pokémon Level and Intimacy Level is 120!