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Anniversary Event 2021! Free Items and new Pokémon

Posted on: 30/09/2021 3099 views

Anniversary Event 2021! Free Items and new Pokémon Updated

This next week, we can expect Anniversary Events starting on 1st October, 11:00 (GMT+8), and ending on 8th October 03:00 (GMT+8).
Remember that if you want to see the current in-game time you can see it on our Weather Page or inside your game by pressing and holding your VIT.

What to expect in this Anniversary Events?

  • Daily Sign-In Event

As mentioned in a previous article and now confirmed by the Devs, we will have a Daily Sign-In Event, with 100 Free Fire Books daily, giving the players a total of 700 Fire Books at the end of the week. For more info and tips check the previous article here.

  • Special Items dropping in Dungeons

We are getting some special items that should be dropping in Common and Elite Dungeons. These items will be used to exchange into some Pokémon, Meowstick F and M, Golden Magikarp Doll and other items that are yet not confirmed.

  • New Pokémon: Meowstick M and F

Pokeland Legends APK

Meowstick M and F are confirmed to show up in the next week's events! This is the first time that these Pokémon will be available, but sadly we don't know yet what will be the method of exchanging. 

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