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Fire Books on Sign In Event soon!

Posted on: 29/09/2021 5155 views

Fire Books on Sign In Event soon! Updated

The Admins have confirmed that we should have some Anniversary Events soon.

Together with this reveal, there's also this banner where it says: "Sign in to get free Fire Books, Otc 2nd".

Now the question here will be: Will we get 6 days with a Sign-In Event, starting from Otcober 2nd, ending on October 8th? Or will the players only get free Fire Books in one single day? (Otc. 2nd).

There's a higher chance that this will be 6 days Sign-In Event. If that's true, and if it will be 100 Daily Fire Books like the past events (image bellow), players have a chance to get up to 600 Fire Books (1000 with the Sign-In trick).

Pokeland Legends Event Fire Books

If you don't know about the Sign-in trick, check the video bellow.

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