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Hoopa Team

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Posted on: 17/05/2021


Hoopa Team

Team Essencial Pokémon:

  • Hoopa / Overlord Hoopa

Possible Teammates:

  • Mesprit
  • Zoroark / Overlord Zoroark
  • Overlord Genesect
  • Spotlight Pokémon

Teammate Explanation:

This pokémon is only good in manual battles. His passive allows him to sacrifice his own HP to provide Fury to any Pokémon that wants to use their ultimate. This way, Hoopa can just use his ultimate on the first round, which is his most powerful attack.

Dark type weather buffer. With Overlord form, it will move after any Dark Type moves, providing Crit Damage, Skill Power, and Defenses to all your Dark Type Pokémon. Also his passive denies enemy pokémon from "moving again".

Overlord Genesect:
This pokémon has two main benefits: Spotlight Ability and Weather buff that Hoopa can enjoy. Also his passive allow him to move right after the first Dark type pokémon moves.

Spotlight Pokémon:
Any pokémon that has his first ability of Spotlight. Usually Earth Devil, Crystal Onix or Kyogre. The main goal is to deny single-target attackers from attacking your Hoopa directly.

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