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Pokémon Transport

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Posted on: 19/05/2021


Pokémon Transport

Pokémon Transport is unlocked at lvl48. In this game mode, you can send multiple teams of 3 Pokémon to transport materials and receiving rewards in return.

This is a daily game mode that is only open from 10:00 to 23:00.

As mentioned above, during this time you're able to send multiple teams to transport materials to receive rewards in return. The amount of Teams that you can send might depend on your VIP level.

Also, you're able to steal from other transports by attacking them, and your transport can get stolen too. Each Transport can be stolen up to 3 times, and you can steal/get stolen by 10% of the Transport Materials on each attack.

These are the transports that you can do:

  • Team Leader Transport
  • Team Transport
  • EXP Transport
  • Unishard Transport
  • Diamond Transport

The Team related transports require you to unlock the Team Mode. 

EXP Transport costs Gold, but you can purchase some extra ones with Diamonds.

And the last two, Unishard and Diamond Transport, require some special tickets that are usually available in Events.

You also have a specific time where you can get Double Rewards, from 12:00 to 14:00.

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