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Overlord Sword and Shield

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Posted on: 16/05/2021


Overlord Sword and Shield

Team Essencial Pokémon:

  • Overlord Sword King
  • Overlord Shield King

Possible Teammates:

  • Cofagrigus
  • Spotlight Pokémon
  • Overlord Tapu Fini

Teammate Explanation:

The only purpose of this pokémon is to attempt to stop the "dance" from Resonance BnW. His passive will confuse any enemy that attacks him.

Spotlight Pokémon:
Any pokémon that has his first ability of Spotlight. Usually Earth Devil, Crystal Onix or Kyogre. The main goal is to deny single-target attackers from attacking your Sword and Shield.

Overlord Tapu Fini:
This pokémon will move after any Fairy Type Pokémon moves. And also has a Weather buff that provides Skill Power, Defenses and Restriction damage increase to your Fairy type pokémon. The purpose of this pokémon in this team is to increase your Overlord Sword's power.

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