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Pokémon Mount

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Posted on: 18/05/2021


Pokémon Mount

Mount is unlocked at lvl 12 and it plays a very important part in many battles, like the Arena (Head-on Battle).

A mount can go from lvl1 to lvl60. Every new level provides more stats, and every 10 levels you receive a new Pokémon mount:

  • lvl 1 - Gogoat
  • lvl 11 - Rhyhorn
  • lvl 21 - Scizor
  • lvl 31 - Tyranitar
  • lvl 41 - Latias
  • lvl 51 - Kyogre

The stats that the mount provides are not the same for all types of battles.

100% of the Mount Stats are applied when you are playing World Boss, and almost all the PvP Situations (vs real players) like CL, EXVS, Arena and others.
10% of the Mount stats are applied in most of the PvE situations.

Each Pokémon Mount can have their custom accessories as well, which also provide stats in some specific situations.

For example, the very first Acessory that you can buy is upgrading Rhyhorn's Horn. the Alloy Horn increases a percentage of all your Pokémon's HP, up to 5% at +20.

As the image before shows, the accessory of the mount can be upgraded up to +20. The items to upgrade these accessories can be purchased on the store.

Here's the list of all the Accessories that you can have on your Mounts, on max level (+20):


  • Alloy Horn: Increases all your pokémon's HP by 5%


  • Shadow Scizor: Increases all your pokémon's P.ATK and P.DEF by 5%
  • Light Scizor: Increases all your pokémon's Steel Type and Bug Type Skill Damage by 10%


  • Evolve Stone: Increases all your pokémon's P.ATK, P.DEF and Crit Rate by 5%
  • Dragon Fury: Increases all your pokémon's Rock Type and Dark Type Skill Damage by 10%


  • Orn: Increases all your pokémon's HP by 7%, SP.ATK, SP.DEF and Crit Rate by 5%
  • Scarf: Increases all your pokémon's SPEED by 5% and Dodge by 10%
  • Dragon Crystal: Increases all your pokémon's Dragon Type and Psychic Type Skill Damage by 10%


  • Saphire Ori: Increases all your pokémon's SP.ATK, SP.DEF and Crit Rate by 5%
  • Azoth Orb: Increases all your pokémon's HP by 8%, SPEED and Hit Rate by 5%
  • Light of Poseidon: Increases all your pokémon's Water Type and Ice Type Skill Damage by 10%

Mount Skins

You can also have different mounts skins which have very specific buffs that you can read on the Skin page. Those skins are restricted to each mount. For example, to have a Groudon Mount Skin, you need to already

These Mount Skins are usually only available in Events, so there's no set price/value on them. So pay attention and save up some resources if you want to be ready to get one!

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