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Monster Myst

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Posted on: 18/05/2021


Monster Myst

Monster Myst is unlocked at lvl18 and it's one of the main ways of obtaining new Pokémon for your account.

Every day a new Weather Forecast is available, and some pokémon can show up according to the Weather that is displayed in that moment. The Weather has specific times to change, and the timezone used in the game is usually GTM+8 (Hong Kong).

To check the Weather Forecast in-game yourself you need to be VIP3, or you can just check our Weather Page!

The Monster Myst is divided in two areas: Common and Advanced.

Each area provides different pokémon of different rarities. But to access each area you need Tickets: Myst Ticked and Advanced Myst Ticket.

Myst Tickets are the most common ones, and can be obtained in multiple ways, like raiding Adventure Maps or playing Cross Server Team.

Advanced Myst Tickets are harder to obtain. Usually a rare drop of playing Cross Server Team, but also obtainable when you open a 10x Diamond Capsule (2488 Diamonds) or sometimes in Events on the Happy Exchange.

Each Time you use a ticket you have 3 Catch Chances. This means that you can attempt catch 3 pokémon in the current list. After those 3 attempts, wether you catch a pokémon or fail catching, the 3 chances are consumed and the pokémon available will refresh.

You also have the option to either use the auto-catch, or refresh the current list manually. But if you have Catch Chances remaining, it's advisable that you use them (with either Manual Catching or Auto-Catch), before you refresh the current pokémon. 

Good luck catching your Legendaries! When you're throwing Trap Bombs to reduce the pokémon's HP, be careful to not throw too much. If your icons start glowing it means that your next throw might scare the pokémon away.

Trap Bombs never kill a pokémon, but Stones can. So be careful also when using Stones to lower a pokémon's hp.

When you successfully catch a pokémon, there's also a chance that the pokémon drops an Egg. Those Eggs can be obtained with either the Auto-Catch or manually catching them inside the map.

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