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Posted on: 19/05/2021



Home is unlocked at lvl29. It's one of the most important features of the game when you're low level.

On your home you can do the following:

  • Plant / Water your own Berries
  • Steal / Water Berries from your friends
  • Purchase Furniture and different Homes
  • Leave Pokémon at home getting EXP and Intimacy


Berries can be obtained from Cross Server Team or stolen from friends. You can also purchase lvl3 Berry Seeds for 10 Diamonds each. 

Watering a berry reduces the mature time. Once the time is over, you can harvest your Berries. If your friends steal them, you will receive less berries from one harvest, but you'll never lose all of them.

Your home has 9 spots of Land that you can plant Berries; 6 are obtained for free, while leveling your other Lands, and the last 3 cost diamonds. You can level up your lands by simply planting Berries on them.

Berries can go up to lvl3 but if you're lucky enough you can get lvl4 Berries when harvesting lvl3 ones.

Furniture, Homes and Manager Avatar

Inside your Home you can purchase different Homes, Furnitures to decorate your house and also different Manager Avatars.

All of those above will provide stats for all of your pokémon. Furniture also provides points in Fineness. Your home ranking will be according to these Fineness points.

Keep in mind that furniture does not need to be placed in order for it to provide the stats to all of your pokémon. You get the stats permanently the moment you purchase Furniture.

Arrange Pokémon

In the Arrange Pokémon section you can leave up to 5 pokémon to get EXP and Intimacy over time.

The first slot is available for free, but the other 4 slots you need to buy them with Diamonds. 

While some players dislike spending Diamonds while they're low level, other players enjoy this home feature alot because it allows your pokémon to get EXP and Intimacy even when they are not online.

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