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Held Items

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Posted on: 18/05/2021


Held Items

Held Items, just like the name suggests, is an item that your pokémon can hold and get some special buffs and stats out of them.

We will be working on making a Held Item list in the future.

Every Held item provides the same amount of stats, but each Held Item has unique passives and buffs that benefit different pokémon.

Held Items should be unlocked the moment you complete your first Elite Island. The last Dungeon of every Elite Island can drop some basic held items:

To level up Held Items you need to get multiple of the same level. For Example, two Leftovers +2 can be combined into a Leftovers +3.
This is available in the Synthesis All button.

Keep in mind that for your Held Item to provide the buffs that it's displayed in the description, it needs to be at least +3. Held items bellow +3 only provide stats and not buffs.

Once you finally achieve a +9 Held Item, you can upgrade it to the Star version.
Held Items can go up to Double Star.

Upgrading to has a very similar logic: if you have three +9 of the same item, you can upgrade it to the Star version of it.

But you can also use three random +9 Items to upgrade into a random Held Item.

If you have Carry Item Fusion Cards, you can guarantee that your main Held Item is upgraded into the Held Item:

These cards are obtainable in the VIP Store

Held Items provide a new buff. And these buffs depend on each Held Item. Muscle Band and Wise Glasses for example, are usually very popular because of providing a buff that converts a percentage of the damage that you deal into your own HP:

Some Held Items are actually game changing! As an example, you can check a video bellow about Resonance Lugia's Held item to see what buffs it provides:

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