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Cross Server Team

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Posted on: 18/05/2021


Cross Server Team

Cross Server Team is unlocked at lvl20. It's a game mode that you can play in a team up tp 3 players, with any player of any server.

There's a total of 12 maps that you can play, and each map unlocks according to your character level. The higher your character level, the more maps you can play.

Every day, each map has 1 Reward Chance (sword icon), and you have a total of 5 Help Chances (hand icon) that you can use on any map.

Reward Chance, as the name suggests, is a chance that you have to get Training Tokens and rewards specific of the map you play. For example, Ho-Oh Yard is the first map where you have a chance to drop Advanced Accessory Boxes and Master Hidden Machines.

The Help Chances will provide you other resources and also Help Packs, which can drop some useful items for the progression of your account, like Gold, Attribute Stones, Breads etc. 

You can check a video about these Help Packs over here:

Double Rewards

Cross Server Team is one of the modes where you have a specific time that you can play and get double the rewards. So if you're recent in the game and you can play during this time, it's highly recommended that you do so.

The double-reward time is betweem 11:00h and 15:00h. Keeping in mind that the game is with the GMT+8 (Honk Kong) Timezone. Remember that you can always check the in-game time by pressing and holding your VIT, or also on our Weather Page

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