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Pokeland Version 6.4.0 Leaks

Posted on: 30/08/2021 5995 views

Pokeland Version 6.4.0 Leaks

Across multiple versions there have been some leaks of future pokeland versions, Portuguese and English.

Here is what we can expect:

  • New Gameplay: Item Perfusion

In the future, items with two stars will have an option to perfuse:

In this perfuse option, you will be able to sacrifice Held Items that you don't need in order power up your held item.

This way you should increase stats of your held item and who knows what else in the future!

  • New Pokémon!
  • Kubfu / Overlord Urshifu

Kubfu seems to be a P.Attaker. 

His skills were available to read in the PT version, so here's a screenshot of what to Expect:

If we go to the Research, we can actually see that Overlord Urshifu should also be coming to the game!

  • Overlord Tapu Lele

Also in the Research, we can see that the Tapus will have a new Overlord, Tapu Lele:

and we also have another confirmation in the Explorers

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