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Pikachu Mount Event 20/08 - 27/08

Posted on: 20/08/2021 1192 views

Pikachu Mount Event 20/08 - 27/08

This week we have free Pikachu Mount Badges available, which can be exchanged for multiple items! You can also obtain extra Pikachu Mount Badges by recharging.

  • Limited Sign-In

Log in every day, between August 20 and August 25th to claim yourself some free Pikachu Mount Badges

  • Ode To Joy

With a 1$ Daily Recharge you can get a total of 60 Pikachu Mount Badges in 7 days, costing you 7$ in total. But on top of this you will also get 35 Pikachu Mount Badges from Daily Sale.

  • Daily Sale

Besides Fire Books, the Daily Sale now also has Pikachu Mount Badges for this week only. You can get 5 or 20 Pikachu Mount Badges every day with a 1$ or 5$ daily recharge

  • Recharge Gift

There's also Pikachu Mount Badges available on the Recharge Gift

  • Paypal Rebate

Keep in mind that the rechargers have a 30% Bonus via paypal. This means that around 30% of your recharge is converted into JPoints which you can reuse to recharge later

  • Happy Exchange

With all those Pikachu Mount Badges, you can either redeem the Pikachu mount for yourself or exchange them into other things you like.

One of the best options to exchange are Costumes. Costumes that provide in-battle stats are usually superior than the ones that provide normal percentage stats.

One of the new Pokeballs, "Hunt Pokéball" is also available to exchange, this is the first time it's available in an event. Only recommended to get if you don't have interesting costumes to exchange.

Reminding that the event ends on August 27th. Since this Event is most likely to never happen again, it's recommended that you exchange all your remaining Pikachu Mount Badges on the last day for Strike Cards.

  • Recycle Event

There's also a Recycle event going on this week, you can know more about Recycle Events in this video:

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