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Furniture Event 04/07 - 06/07

Posted on: 04/07/2021 2141 views

Furniture Event 04/07 - 06/07

A new Furniture Event is available in the Happy Exchange

Each furniture provides some stats that are applied to all of your Pokémon.

This event has Furniture available for Diamonds with a 30% Discount. You also need to spend 1 Unishard and 1 Fire Book for each Furniture

Keep in mind that the furniture that you buy on this event stacks with the Furniture that you can buy at Home.

If you're low on Diamonds or you don't want to buy all the furniture, here's a table that might help

The table on the right shows you how much percentage of each stat you're getting for each 100 Diamonds spent. So that means, the stat who has a higher number in the table of the right, it's usually the most effective to buy. But you have to keep in mind the items with multiple stats. This is just a helper in case you're focusing a specific kind of stat.

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