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Creator Arceus Event

Posted on: 05/06/2021 2044 views

Creator Arceus Event

This week we have the chance of obtaining Creator Arceus!

There are some daily events happening during the whole week, with Diamond Burning and Recharging. And he's also available in the Happy Exchange for a total of 1000 Fire Books for the 200 Shards

Here's how he's obtainable:

Diamond Burning - Daily 4000 Diamond Burning for 10 shards a day, total of 70 Shards

Daily Sign-In - Just login every day and claim the prizes, total of 46 Shards

Daily 5$ Recharge - 12 shards per day, 84 total

This will give you a total of 200 Shards necesarry to summoning Creator Arceus

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