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Youtube - Share your Pokeland Battles!

What is CL?

  • In Pokeland Legends, CL (Champion League) is the most competitive area of the game, where players battle against eachother to achieve the highest rank possible in their bracket.

  • Every month the players with the most points will be qualified for the perliminary matches, where only the strongest player will get the CL Champion Title.

What are CL Highlights?

  • CL Highlights are videos of battles that the players record and want to share with the community for everyone to see! When Dany has enough battle clips, he will put them all together and upload a "Community CL Highlights" video on his channel. Link to the playlist here.

How can I submit battles?

  • After recording your battle, you upload it on a youtube channel, and copy the link of the video to submit in the form bellow.